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Timelines. Remains. History. Books. It's all here; lots of interesting information about the Rio Grande Southern railroad. I created this site to organize and highlight information about the RGS, focusing on its history and equipment in ways I hope are somewhat unique. Please poke around and explore... I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with what you'll find.

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RGS Details:
* Books & Videos:
        RGS specific
        Related history, D&RG, etc
        Modeling resources
        Bookstores w/NG focus

(rev 1-7-22)
(rev 3-27-21)
(rev 3-27-21)
(rev 5-30-21)
(rev 7-8-18)
* Caboose 0400 (rev 7-8-18)
* Exploring the ROW (rev 2-27-22)
* Mile-by-Mile photos & details:
        North end
        South end

(rev 12-9-23)
(rev 12-9-23)
* Remains (rev 2-10-24) Updated!
* Rolling Stock (rev 5-15-20)
  Right-of-way map

Links - Narrow Gauge / RGS

* RGS History:
        1878 - 1899
        1900 - 1909
        1910 - 1929
        1930 - (today)

(rev 1-17-19)
(rev 3-14-20)
(rev 1-6-24)
(rev 5-17-20)
* Galloping Geese (rev 6-19-22)
* Locomotives (rev 5-17-20)
Other Cool Stuff:
* My layout (rev 2-3-23)
* Models - RGS Kits & Decals (rev 4-12-24) Updated!
* Paper - RGS documents (rev 1-20-16)

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